Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Pebbles has been hard at work, helping me with a very difficult task.
My rearranged sewing room. This is a very bad picture I am afraid, because of the light from the window, oh for some lessons in photography. This is the relaxing part of the room, decorated with pictures from my grandchildren.

My two beautiful featherweights, sat in pride of place.

My shelves have been reorganised, I am not a naturally tidy person and find it hard to discilpine myself.

I bought this red S buttonholer at the car boot sale on Sunday, am I crazy or would this look really good in my retro kitchen?

Hope to have some more pictures tomorrow, when I have been to Kate's tomorrow.
Happy stitching


  1. Well done Wendy, now can you come round and do mine please. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
    Love Shirl.x

  2. Hello! I love your sewing room! your machines were beautiful! ... now I have one more for my collection :-)
    Once im a bit more set up with the sewing, painting and crocheting i might make my own blog rather than using Reggies!

    There's some rather lovely quilts on your blog, so I will have to keep following for inspiration! My Mum bought me a quilting book... and thats as far as its got.
    let me know of any evening courses you know of where i can learn :-)
    take care,
    Kerry & Reggie x