Sunday, 8 November 2009

I decided that our Weds quilt group would like a challenge, we all took three coordinating FQ's, and swapped them out, not knowing who the recipient would be, so we did not try to choose with a particular person in mind.

We have to return a completed object as a sort of secret santa in the New Year. Again this will be an unknown recipient.

These are the FQ's I received.

Now what am I going to do with these?.....

I have rummaged through my stash, and found this prequilted fabric which I sent for from the states.

My friend Janet from Apple County quilt group, also had some fabric at the same time and made a beautiful bag. I of course lagged behind by a mile. Any way I have used this pretty blue and white and made this bag from a Simplicity pattern.

I found the thickness of the fabric quite difficult, If Imade another I would perhaps try some iron on interfacing, as you have to add bands to the body. It is a bit wonky around the zip, but looks ok from a distance, but I think Janet should volunteer, some tuition.

Have not posted for a couple of weeks, (sorry Kate), have not seemed to have found time, or the inclination in my post flu self pity!

The good news is Tah Dah, I have completely finished my 'gifts from the sea quilt'.

It is my first largish project that I have machine quilted, and I think it got better as I went along. No close ups though, LOL. The pattern is from vintage spool, and a really fun pattern.

I have called it 'Honey is on holiday, Pebbles is on the beach'. For my 2 lovely cavalier spaniels. This is the finished quilt. I need to practice my photography skills too!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Although am still feeling rubbish, The Flu! Have managed to finish a couple of small items.

A small tote bag for my granddaughter, who will be 6 on Tuesday, where did those years go?

She really loves cats, so I hope she will like this. Thank you once again to Tilde, whose pattern I have plagiarised, please forgive me.

I also made this handy little thread catcher, which has a tile to hold it on the side. I can think of loads of uses for this, and will most likely make a few for Christmas, I thought how handy it would be for my mum, I must take after her, and all her little necessities like glasses tablets etc, she keeps beside her chair.

I think it is a really lovely little pattern. Had it for years, don't know why I have not used it.

I don,t know where I got the plastic banding from,but it worked really well. So no big projects at the moment as I haven't the strength, but hopefully in the next few days will start my seaside quilt quilting.

Monday, 12 October 2009

quilters companion

This is a picture of my little comforter Honey, she is 12 years young and has just had to start on heart meds. I love her to bits, she has a younger sister, Pebbles, who has escaped somewhere chasing flies, will try to catch her in action.

liberty scraps cushion

I had roughly stitched these luscious liberty scraps,(thanks to my friends), I was going to make a small wallhanging, but thought it would be better served as a cushion. As I made it sort of oxford style it is quite oomphy, but no doubt it will sag over time, like me!!

I am feeling sorry for myself today, as I have a rotten flu virus, the cushion was acheived in the 30 minutes I felt ok

Saturday, 10 October 2009

challenge quilt

Today I have put my quilt group challenge blocks together. It was quite a 'challenge' to find some coordinating fabric in my stash, as I cannot really justify adding any more to it at present. I'm sure all you quiltaholics out there know what I mean. So I just have to restrain myself, and I think this fabric that I hand dyed works quite well. I also have enough to back it with, so I just need to find some batting, if I could only get to my hoard, which is covered in guess what-fabric!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Well from my little fabric scraps to this little bag, (many thanks to Tilde Binger).

The pattern for the bag and the lemoyne star block are freebies on Linda Franz's website.

Ithink the pinks are gorgeous, I really suffer when I cut into my favourite fabrics:-).

I hope to make one from novelty fabrics, for my grandaughter who is 6 in a couple of weeks.

Best get back to sewing!!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Tildes tiny tote

Today I have printed and cut out a tiny tote, ready for my stepdaughters birthday present in November. This is to hold her present, no secrets revealed here.

This is courtesy of inklingo. See A wonderful program that prints on fabric as you feed it through your printer, on freezer paper, allowing you to have accurate seams. I shall handpiece this as my back is playing up today, and want to have something relaxing to do.

This is it in the raw state, hopefully soon to be a nice little gift bag:-)

I have not decided what colour to sash my quilt challenge blocks with yet. It may be that I have to dye some fabric, I am keeping my options open.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Well today I have been to my quilt group, and have received my challenge blocks, although I missed the proper handout day, and unfortunately did not get to see all of the different blocks.

We were given 2 fabrics and then had to make 10 x 12" blocks, using both fabrics in each.

The blocks are all lovely, and I think I have got them in some sort of pleasing order, sometimes I spend far too much time agonizing over these things instead of getting on with it.

I think I will do some sort of sashing to even the blocks up.

I have also put the backing and wadding onto my seaside quilt, ( a job I hate!!).

So now I shall be able to quilt to my hearts content. Not sure if it will be machine or hand or a mixture of both, but at least I will be able to proceed.

Monday, 21 September 2009

So having a few days off, have now actually finished small log cabin wallhanging. Have also put on hanging sleeve, so hopefully will have it on the wall soon.

My DH has suggested we use my bits and pieces to decorate our little bungalow as an "art gallery". He is very supportive and biased in my favour. But it does seem a shame not to display things that have taken so long to make, so I am now on a mission to finish what I have started.

Well did not fulfill even my first days intentions, my excuse is that my husband and I are in the process of fitting a new bathroom. Not a good time to start a blog.!

On the positive side I have put the finishing touches to a birdhouse needcase/thimble holder, that was bought as a kit for my 50th birthday, quite some time ago, by my good friends at my quilt group.

The instructions were pretty difficult to follow, and therefore there are a couple of booboo's, but it is nearly impossible to unpick glue, unlike stitches, but it is finished, and everytime I see it I will think of my friends.

Friday, 18 September 2009

The Start of organisation

Well here I am trying to get organised, so thought one postive thing to do would be to set down, what I have achieved, what I intend to achieve, and what I have no hope of achieving and therefore not to beat myself up.
One thing at a time though, so will spend some more time organising this blog, and will have someting to show by the end of the day.