Sunday, 18 November 2012

Have been making a few bits and pieces for Christmas, no big things, as I shall be working lots of hours til then.
Made this shoulder bag for a friend, I am into dresden plates at the moment, and thought it would make an interesting bag, also green is my favourite colour.
Hope to be making more of these, they are very calming, but also satisfying.

Monday, 15 October 2012

I know I have been quiet for a while, and one of the reasons is in the bed under my lovely Singer cabinet. Her name is Winnie May and she is 5 months old. She and raya are inseperable, we have had her from July, and she has already taken over Raya in size and weight, as Raya does not eat a lot, only feathers!!
 Pebbles is not quite so keen, but she does tolerate a little Winnie time....
I love having my 3 girls together.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

 Very poor I know, long time no post!
Just to prove I have been doing something here is a little selection of 8 inch cushions I have been making as gifts

 This garden cushion was a present for a friend of mine who has started a bee keeping course.
Sometime I hope to be getting some lovely organic honey.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Haven't posted for ages and ages!
Have had 2 weeks off with horrible weather.
No quilting done, but have taken a few hours out and revamped this laundry hamper
from this

A little paint spray and a Liberty fat quarter

Et voila
A brand new piece of furniture to house our dirty washing LOL
Hope to be back soon...

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Today I have had a wonderful day at my Wednesday group. My wonderful friends gave me a selection of beautiful gifts to celebrate my birthday, which is on Monday. Just look at the goodies.
Iwill take closer photos and post again, because there was too much to put in one photo!!!

Margaret has finished the top of her butterfly garden, and changed the centre medallion, it looks great Margaret!

We did have to put Magaret in the naughty corner and tell her not to talk until she had sandwiched the layers together, needless to say that did not work :-)

Shirley has been beavering away at her dancing dollies, a what a wonderful job she is doing.

Another quilt top from Shirley, she has been a busy lady, the colours are really lovely

Margaret and the full butterfly garden quilt, it is like a breath of spring, just wonderful

Me I was just plodding away at my insanity quilt, but as the hexagons are so tiny, it takes a long time to grow.

Happy stitchingx

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I have another finish, this simple 5 inch squares quilt, simple and basic, I got this lovely calm blue from Kate, and added lots of toning blues that I had just enough fabric to cut a couple of squares from, and I like the calm overall look when it is on my sofa. Lets hope it is a while before it gets doggyfied, as the dogs are not supposed to go into the lounge.

Back to work tomorrow, so I don't suppose I'll have much energy for any of the good stuff.

Happy stitchingxx

Monday, 5 March 2012

More vintage goodies.
After finding my treasures in the vulcan box, I had a nostalgic talk with an Aunt, about how my Nan used to sew our Sindy clothes. Then voila, she passes these treasures onto me, pre printed cloth of dolls clothes. They are just so clear and very 60's

It turns out it was a 'Woman' pattern. Don't you just love the startled look on these doll's faces!

I have just finished this cushion cover using some leftover strips from the baguette bag, Moda's patisserie, which I absolutely love.

I think it has turned out Ok, but not for this chair. I am waiting to find the right fabric to cover this, no doubt I will find it soon

Please note another blogging session, I may need a long break to get over this, he he.