Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Well today I have been to my quilt group, and have received my challenge blocks, although I missed the proper handout day, and unfortunately did not get to see all of the different blocks.

We were given 2 fabrics and then had to make 10 x 12" blocks, using both fabrics in each.

The blocks are all lovely, and I think I have got them in some sort of pleasing order, sometimes I spend far too much time agonizing over these things instead of getting on with it.

I think I will do some sort of sashing to even the blocks up.

I have also put the backing and wadding onto my seaside quilt, ( a job I hate!!).

So now I shall be able to quilt to my hearts content. Not sure if it will be machine or hand or a mixture of both, but at least I will be able to proceed.

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