Friday, 29 January 2010

Wednesday was our first return to quilt group, which was great. Was feeling sorry for myself, having just had a crown and a filling. So the company was great along with the lukewarm tea!!
Remember the photo of our 3 FQ challenge. Well the exchange was done, My contribution was the apron, which Kate pulled out.
My goodies were the little box and quilt to match. How lucky am I!!
The fabrics for mine , the pinny, came from Pat, and the fabrics for Kate's, was from Shirl, thanks Shirley and Kate. They are so my colours!
As you see the little box is already being put to good use.
I am trying to proceed with my apple county challenge quilt, but am very disappointed, as it has puckered quite badly. Maybe my short affair with machine quilting is over :0).

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  1. I was almost beside myself handing over those beautiful fabrics but there comes a time when you have to stop stroking them. I am thrilled with what Kate made with them and equally pleased that you won them. You are right they have you stamped all over them. It must have been fate.
    I enjoyed the challenge. Well done for suggesting it.
    Love Shirl.x