Tuesday, 12 January 2010

In the meantime, I have been stitching my baguette. Lovely pattern, but there are alot of extras involved, interfacing, handles etc. I am trying to be economical at present. This is patchwork, and I do like to recycle if possible. I was unable to source the red handles immediately, after a couple of no goes, I went to the charity shops, and sourced a bag with these handles for £1.99. Not those shiney red handles, but at another nearly £20.00, a good buy I think. I would be interested in your opinions. This can be a really expensive hobby at times!!

I can also reuse some other bits off of this bag, which makes it a really good buy. LOL
Hopefully I will make it to my quilt group tomorrow, weather permitting.
I also am having a tooth crowned. Boo hoo. ou all take care in the snow!!


  1. The bag looks fab Wendy. That is a great idea to go to the charity shop for those bag handles. As you say it can sometimes work out expensive to make some of these projects. Hope to see you tomorrow.
    Love Shirl.x

  2. Well done on the recycling. I am waiting for the red handles at the moment. Mine is a gift but I had never thought of looking in the op shop must keep that in mind.

  3. Having seen the bag in the flesh so to speak want to tell you well done. It is fab and the handles are REALLY good. A fantastic idea. You may have started something now.
    Love Shirl.xx