Thursday, 11 March 2010

Sorry folks, have been really bad at posting, have had family, friends and housework to deal with, and visitors again this weekend, so this is a quick catchup.

Here is my work in progress, I am knitting for a change, I hope to reveal all soon.

I made these new clean tea towels to go with my new toy. I used some strips left over from my baguette bag. I think they are lovely. Too nice to use.

Thanks to all my wonderful friends at quilt group for these lovely goodies, for my birthday, what a wonderful group of ladies. Thank you, thank you.

Here is a picture of my new cooker, it feels like forever since I've been able to cook properly. Hope I can always keep it this shiney!!

Hope to catchup with a couple of finished things soon


  1. Wow! that oven looks fantastic. I have seen them in magazines but never in person, puts my old wall oven with the broom wedged underneath the handle to hold the door shut to shame! Your tea towels are lovely and looks like you had a great birthday.

  2. Mmmmmm! thinking of those yummy cakes coming our way via your new toy. I would keep the posh tea towels purely for show and then everyone will think you are wonderfully houseproud. (i know you are) Mine are all tea stained. Glad you enjoyed the day. Still thinking of the Italian!!
    Love Shirl.x

  3. Happy Birthday Wendy. I'm guessing your knitting a doll. I am in awe of your new cooker it looks fantastic. Those nice tea towels would be wasted on me.

  4. Hi Wendy, I'm not sure if you got my last comment I am hoping to get Shirley's postal address.