Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sewing at Kate's today, lovely sunshine and good company, Margaret has been very productive with her beautiful butterfly garden quilt This is just a 'little' something that Kate has drafted, dyed and stitched!!!

Our dear friend Pat had a little birthday bash today

Not to be outdone by my friend Shirley of Stitcherydoo fame, I made this little bag for Pat for her birthday, it really is a lovely pattern.

Pebbles has been clipped and posed for the camera, pretty girl.

Now, how can something this cute be so full of the naughtiness?? Shh don't wake her pleasssse!

Promise to my friends not to leave my next post so


  1. That bag is great!!
    Lovin' pebbles new cut!! she looks so like Alfie! awwww the puppy is soooooo sweet!!
    reggie chewed up our carpet today... luckily its not in a real obvious place, but he got a telling off!!... i cant be cross with him for too long though!
    keep stiching and blogging! :-)
    Kerry x

  2. You did a great job of Pat's bag and I thought it was beautiful. Well done for understanding the instructions. I know Pat is thrilled with it. It was a lovely day today, enjoyed sitting in that sunshine. Love your girls.