Thursday, 27 May 2010

Late blogging again, from Wednesdays group.
Here are my little 1/2 inch hexes. Gowing very slowly. Another row added!

Round robin time, this is the block that I got to take home, originally Pats, yum yum

This is Kates original block now set on point. Love the blue Shirl

This is the border I added to Margarets original block

This will be mine all mine next week!!! Kate added the last yummy border.

Look at Rosemary's block now those lovely prairie points, and the lovely dyed fabric, where did you get that Pat haha!

Did not get chance to photo Shirleys block as Margaret forgot it, but it will be a lovely suprise next week.
Right off to work for me boo hoo.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Today was the day to reveal our round robins. Round 4 of 6.
This is what I had added to Rosemary's original block This what else I have been doing, 2 blocks toward my daughters quilt, which she has requested, she might get it for her 30th, in 2011!!

The pattern is from Material Obsession.

This is the embroidery detail from my addition to this weeks round robin. The previous fabric had butterflies in the print, so I thought this tied it in without being too busy.

Here is our Shirl, with her lovely block, Kate had added the pink border. will try and post a clearer picture.

Here is me with my original block. Pat had added the two lovely borders in yummy colours. This block is now in Kate's capable hands.

Here is Rosemary, with her original block. This has now gone to Pat for the next round.

Here is Kate with her original block, Rosemary has added the latest border in pastel colours, so lovely. Shirley now has this block.

Pat is pictured here with her original block. Sorry Pat this is not a flattering photo, but you were a naughty girl and would not stay still for the camera!! Rosemary now has this block, last border added by Margaret.

Finally Margaret is pictured with her stunning block, recently worked on by Shirl, well done girls. I now have this block, I hope I don't spoil it.

Phew!! Think I have got that right, need a lie down before the next round. LOL

Monday, 3 May 2010

How about my quilted companion Pebbles, she loves wheat bags, eiderdowns, quilts etc. We both miss Honey bunch, but find comfort in our sewing room. (No floor visible in this or any view!)
I have been cooking up some goodies today, after a year of no get up and go on the dyeing front, I have started again. These little FQ jewels are making my heart sing. This is them on the line, smelling of fresh air, and looking like nothing on earth!!

This is my new machine, bought at a car boot for £20. I am looking forward to cleaning it up, it sounds like a dream when running, even the light works. Look at all the fascinating feet. Oak cabinet, off the line in 1922, what workmanship, what more can a girl want???

This is my 'old' machine,what more can a girl want lol

I had some visitors today. Most of them family. but this woodpecker called in too.