Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Today was the day to reveal our round robins. Round 4 of 6.
This is what I had added to Rosemary's original block This what else I have been doing, 2 blocks toward my daughters quilt, which she has requested, she might get it for her 30th, in 2011!!

The pattern is from Material Obsession.

This is the embroidery detail from my addition to this weeks round robin. The previous fabric had butterflies in the print, so I thought this tied it in without being too busy.

Here is our Shirl, with her lovely block, Kate had added the pink border. will try and post a clearer picture.

Here is me with my original block. Pat had added the two lovely borders in yummy colours. This block is now in Kate's capable hands.

Here is Rosemary, with her original block. This has now gone to Pat for the next round.

Here is Kate with her original block, Rosemary has added the latest border in pastel colours, so lovely. Shirley now has this block.

Pat is pictured here with her original block. Sorry Pat this is not a flattering photo, but you were a naughty girl and would not stay still for the camera!! Rosemary now has this block, last border added by Margaret.

Finally Margaret is pictured with her stunning block, recently worked on by Shirl, well done girls. I now have this block, I hope I don't spoil it.

Phew!! Think I have got that right, need a lie down before the next round. LOL


  1. Well done Wendy. My photo's are all rubbish. May just tell everyone to come and look at yours. I can't wait to get my sticky mitts on my original block as it is so yummy.
    Love Shirl.x

  2. They all look fantastic Wendy! I love the embroidery you did. Looking forward to watching your daughter's quilt grow. Material Obsession have some pretty funky patterns don't they!