Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Our round robin is progressing nicely, This is Rosemary,s original block, which I now have to follow on from Margaret. This is now getting more difficult to decide on the next fabrics and piecing method. I have an idea and hope it will work.
This is what Rosemary did to Margaret's original block. The colour choice is beautiful, Shirley now has this block, good luck Shirl! This is what I did to Kate's original block last week, I used some hand dyed fabric and squared the block off. I now know my geometry skills are very poor. Rosemary now has this block.

Kate added the beautiful border to Pats original block. I think you will agree that this is stunning.

Pat added this lovely green border to Shirley's original block, this frames it really nicely.

And look what has happened to my original block. Shirley has used my most favourite fabrics in the border, and believe me those hexes are teeny tiny. I think I am going to love having my original block back when we have finished, yum yum.

Happy stitching everyone


  1. Only a true friend would be daft enough to make such tiny hexagons, but, you are worth it my friend. Still waiting for inspiration for Margarets block. May be burning the midnight oil on Tuesday in desperation trying to think of something.

  2. I'm so glad I found you! Such tiny little hexies! I've joined the one flower Wednesday Group for this. I've only been making them a week, and I can't stop! lol
    Love your blog, I'll be back to visit again soon. I'm new to blogging, only since Feb. I live on an island w/no bridges to the mainland, stores, mail, nothing! Just miles of beaches and my hubby & two pups and quilting! :)
    so this is so nice to be able to visit and learn from others such as yourself. Have a great day!

  3. All the Round Robins look fantastic Wendy. I am really enjoying what each of you do with them.