Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Sewing machine Addiction

I did not realise that I had not posted for ages, time flies by so. I am afraid that I have been bitten by the clamshell bug. This is just going to be a small project, and hopefully will be a reasonably quick finish. I realise I have been a bit low of mood lately, but these little things make my heart sing. They are pieced the Inklingo way, thanks to the brilliant Linda(www.Lindafranz.com ). I hope to attach a link button for her site, her method of printing on fabric makes life so much easier.
I thought you might like to see how mine and my husbands addiction to picking up sewing machines is coming along. Rather too well I think!!!)
This is a child's Vulcan cast metal machine, dating from the mid 1950s I believe. It does a beautiful chain stitch.

This is my latest car boot buy, a beautiful green husqvarna viking, it is a straight stitch machine, and does it stitch a dream. It is a beautiful green, that is my favourite colour, by the way. I think she must be 1950s, but I can find no info, so if anyone can help me here I will be grateful.
I think I will call her Jade the Viking. The case is as green and immaculate as the machine.

This is my Grans old treadle sewing machine, I think I need some more lessons before I can drive her properly. She needs a little more tlc, after being in the cupboard for 42 years!
She is to be called Gladys May after my Nan

This Brother Windowmatic is another 50s machine and I think was a very top drawer machine. It stitches a dream, and although a lot of the machines were made in Japan, this was actually made in Ireland. It is absolutely immaculate, and has all the original paperwork and accessories.
A bargain at £3.50

This is a 1900 Singer,I bought off my 96 year young neighbour, who bought it in the early 50s to make some sails for a boat he had made, it is hand cranked, beautiful and immaculate. It had a pride of place at our quilt show, which George came to see, and really enjoyed. What wonderful history.

This is the cover to my pride of place machine.

This is a beautiful 1890, fiddlebase Singer, my husband bought it for me at a car boot, I dare not say how little he payed for it. He had no idea what he was buying, it was stuck under a table with the lid on he took the lid off thought it was pretty and bought it.
He has lovingly oiled it polished it, and it now stitches out pretty well. he would like to do more, but we are a little anxious of damaging it.
In the lid of the machine were all the original accessories, and we also have the original instruction booklet. It is so beautiful, I cannot stop looking at it, and thinking that 120 years ago someone stitched on this machine.
Hope i have not bored you too much. If anyone can tell me any more about any of these machines I will be grateful.


  1. Oh Wendy,
    This is fantastic. How much are you charging at your museum for entry and when are you open. I bet Janet Daniels can give you the number for the repair man on the Blackdowns as I am sure he will know more.
    I have started clamshells too how amazing. Can't wait to see yours tomorrow.
    Love Shirl.x

  2. Wow, that is quite a collection of sewing machines. I have a treadle very similar to yours. My serial number dates it's making back to 1891. I picked mine up at a barn sale for $75. All it needs is the belt.

    I use Inklingo too and am so glad to have discovered it. Don't really know how I got along wihout it. I try to tell everyone I know about it.

  3. Hi Wendy, your clamshells look fantastic! I love all your sewing machines, you have some real treasures there.

  4. Oh Wendy! I came to look at your clamshells and then oogled your machines! LOL... they are beauties! I have a small collection myself including one treadle which is in need of some work one day ;)
    Your clams are looking good too ;)) So much easier with Inklingo isn't it!

  5. Great collection of old machines. I can remember sewing on my mums treadle machine and breaking lots of needles when I treadled backwards.

  6. Hello Wendy,

    Great collection you have. I have a question about the Vulcan in your collection. I can buy one, but I do not know a lot about sewingmachines, so my question is, Do you think this macine is suitable to sew a tent? that is, I will be sewing a tissue called 'rip stop nylon'.

    Thank you,


  7. hello i was hoping to maybe find some help, i need a manual for or just the threading instutions for a brother window mtaic like the one in the picture above could anyone here point me in the right direction.